My life started in a small New England community back in the 60’s. The youngest of five and sent to a Catholic orphanage at only a few months old. Not long after I was placed in  foster care and taken in by my “real” parents, the only parents I remembered growing up with. Mom and Dad always made me feel special and completely loved. They both told me many times that I was “chosen”. When couples have biological children (they explained), they love them, but do not get to choose them. They “chose” me! How special is that!  I wondered more than a few times, especially in my teenage years, if they ever regretted that choice….I was stubborn, to say the least. I have two older “real” sisters who have been so patient with me over the years. They are 18 and 14 years older. Dad was 50 when I was born and Mom was 46. They adopted me when I was six. They are my heroes! I wouldn’t find out until many years later how fortunate I was to have been adopted by them.