It was an ordinary school day. My friends and I loaded onto the bus and settled in the back seats for the 45 minute ride to the high school. I was thirteen years old and in the 8th grade that year. We made our usual stops along the bus route and stopped at the corner of Highland Street to pick up a group of kids that walked to the end of the road to wait for the bus. There was a new kid at the bus stop that day. He was skinny, with dark hair, a face full of acne and the biggest adam’s apple I had ever seen. I remember thinking to myself that he looked just like a turkey…poor kid. He settled into the front seat with the “geeks”. I was an honor student and qualified to sit with the “geeks”, but chose to hang out with the “burnouts” because they were my protectors. I had some trouble with bullies in elementary school, and found that the “burnouts” were better allies when it came to defending the underdogs…namely, me.

So, this new kid rode the bus for a year before I found out he was my brother!